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Space / Juan Carlos Baumgartner

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Space, Space

Project Name



Boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho

Project Status


Year Completed



2,300 sq. meters




  • Lighting Designer: LUA
  • Construction Manager: GA & A
  • Teknion

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Project Description

This project is developed on a single floor of about 2,300 sqm. Its design was inspired in functionality to increase productivity, as well as in movement, dynamism and light in motion. All this was achieved through the use of rugs and lighting that emulate the blur effect of cars in motion. Small pops of red light directed towards the ceiling work as accent in order to emphasize the motion blur effect. Bridgestone products were incorporated into the design in a whole different context and put to a different use, creating some areas in which the user can identify with the brand.

The reception area captures completely one of the strongest features of Bridgestone: the use of reflecting materials creates a distinctive feeling of immersion that connects the user to the brand. The perfectly distributed floor separates public areas from operating areas, reflecting through architecture the very essence of the company.

“Casual collisions” are more than collaborative-work areas: they are key elements that reflect the direction Bridgestone is heading to and its market position. One of these casual collisions is located right after the reception area, welcoming the user for a second time. This area also becomes automatically a showroom since the furniture, walls and ceilings are designed with Bridgestone tires, such as the swings and armchairs made of tractor tires.

Casual collision Golf was built to create a Green where you can feel completely identified with one of the products which few people know is developed by Bridgestone: golf balls. The effect was created by a great rug with a panoramic view of a golf rolling countryside and a golf ball curtain that through the combination of reds and whites gives the impression of a golf swing -referencing the state of the art technology that Bridgestone uses to manufacture the balls.

The architecture and design create a space where the essence and values of Bridgestone are expressed, redefining the way we work. All through the 360° of the project, we incorporated Bridgestone products (such as tires and golf balls) in the design of spaces and informal work areas in order to create a unique working experience.
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