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Bluepoint Pavilion

Paul Raff Studio

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MonicaScinto, Hanley Wood

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Bluepoint Pavilion

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538 sq. feet

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Project Description

This project transforms a prefab box-frame and off-the-shelf planks into an artful, dynamic pavilion. The pavilion sits strikingly atop a plateau, opening up to and powerfully framing the phenomenal view. The pavilion’s form, material and construction were inspired by the iconic regional presence of the curved wooden boats of local fisherman. Fishing boats today are still constructed in the manner of the region’s first-known inhabitants 2000 years ago, by curving lengths of timber over a gunnel framework. For the pavilion, traditional forms and materials are reinterpreted to accentuate the site’s landscape and panoramic views.

The pavilion is primarily made out of an innovative wood composite material. It is non-toxic, locally produced, and is primarily composed of sawdust waste from timber mills. It is also extremely durable. The pavilion’s form is shaped to shade the interior reducing heat gain and associated carbon footprint by over 60%.

The pavilion is used primarily for the sales and marketing for a real estate development (currently under construction) which it overlooks. It gives potential buyers a place to sit comfortably and see the development, providing them with a focused experience of both the immediate site and the broader landscape. It also gives potential buyers tactile experience of the creativity and quality of their future investment. The pavilion exemplifies how even with extremely limited means, architectural creativity can deliver poetic forms and experiences in an environmentally sustainable manner.
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