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Beam Me Up!

PinPin Studio

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Beam Me Up!

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PINPIN Studio has recently finished their suite "Beam Me Up" at the ICEHOTEL, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. This is the duo´s second suite for the ICEHOTEL. They did their first one, "Kraken´s Lair", last year.

In "Beam Me Up", PINPN Studio wants to combine an artistic approach with playfulness and humor. In the suite, the visitors should feel like they are a part of a story, that something is going on around them and that they are involved. The whole room becomes a stage, where the visitor is the actor.

What you will see when you enter is four UFO:s hovering over the trees surrounding Torne River in northern Sweden, below the Northern Lights.
The UFO:s are made out of snow, like the walls and the ceiling in the room, and the beams of light coming out of them are together with the bed made out of the clearest ice in the world, from Torne River.

The room invites the visitors to participate not only by it´s visual design, but also by letting them partially enter one of the beams to get beamed up, or by lying down in the lit up and hovering bed.

This year in Lapland, get ready to get beamed up at the ICEHOTEL!

PINPIN Studio consists of Christian Strömqvist and Karl-Johan Ekeroth, both holding a MFA in Child Culture Design from HDK, The School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the collaboration PINPIN Studio they work primarily with design for play and play situations, in products, digital applications and spatial design.

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