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Bajalta California

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Bajalta California

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BAJALTA CALIFORNIA is a novel concept for urban living. It aims to reinvent the image of Tijuana and provide new forms of social interaction through a mixed-use development. The project gives life to a diverse community. As it reconnects the urban fabric of the Calete area, it also creates a regional destination that will appeal to local and outside visitors.

In Bajalta, the characteristic push-and-pull of the border culture takes on new life. This energy is the inspiration for what Tijuana can offer the world and is adopted as a new attitude toward high-density development. It aims to demonstrate that mixed-use development can provide a unique balance between image and lifestyle, and it generates high value by ensuring that the sum total is greater than the individual parts.

In this context, the forms of the buildings matter: Bajalta provides a new architectural expression that integrates commercial retail spaces with public spaces; combines office building and hotel; creates housing opportunities with unique views and unparalleled convenience. In addition, the project’s most iconic parcel—at the intersection of the area’s most prominent streets—proposes a space that celebrates culture and education within a unique building. The Manzanita, or little block, actively engages the urban context. As the gateway to Bajalta, it creates a dynamic new place within the social and cultural spheres of Tijuana.
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