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Artist's Studio

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

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Artist's Studio

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235 sq. feet


  • Anthony Barnes, FAIA, LEED AP / Amanda Mosher

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Project Description

This artist studio for a former lawyer maximizes an irregularly shaped site within a small urban garden. The only space available, an existing terrace behind the pool, allows the studio to double as a pool house. The location offers the chance to allow the studio to contribute more to the property than its 235 sf size would suggest. Doubled in size by its reflection on the pool, it carries its weight and more. The site conditions presented challenges: the space available, an existing terrace, was trapezoidal in plan; an angled upper retaining wall impeded upon the open area available, also the new structure’s foundations couldn’t add load to the retaining walls or pool. Squaring off the roof and façade over and around the old angled wall, while adding an angled, interior shoji screen-like glass wall in the studio turned a problem into an asset. The entire structure floats on two beams at grade resting on four hand-dug piers. The studio is clad in stained cedar shingles with a pergola added to shade the southern facing French doors overlooking the pool. A stone path from the house leads to the studio, providing a short but quiet commute for the artist. Internally the angled shoji glass wall adds vitality, beyond which lies a clean white palette. Flexible ways to create, show, store and light works of art were created by using painted drywall and homosote, aluminum shadow channels, metal lighting and tie rods grounded by an oak floor. Serene and simple…235 square feet.
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