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Arctic City

Atelier Frei Otto Warmbronn, Ewald Bubner, Kenzo Tange

Project Name

Arctic City


Project Status

Concept Proposal

Year Completed



3,000,000 sq. meters

Project Description

Designed by Frei Otto and Ewald Bubner with Kenzo Tange, Arctic Town proposed a large-scale dome spanning two kilometers and enclosing the artificially produced environment. A circular foundation was to be built and then the dome structure was to be laid and inflated. Inside the dome the construction of the city could take place in a conditioned environment. The dome consisted of a double-layered transparent foil retained by a steel cable net, pressurized air in the dome providing the structural support of the dome. The shape of the dome would prevent the accumulation of snow and resist intense wind, and provide ventilation of fresh air and heating through atomic energy.
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