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Antron 2011 NeoCon Resource Center

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Antron 2011 NeoCon Resource Center

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The Antron® Resource Center is a year-round product exhibit, conference center, and educational facility targeted to architects, interior designers and clients. The showroom's adaptable, modular framework has allowed Antron to annually transform the space to address specific business and marketing goals at each NeoCon tradeshow.
For 2011, the design solution - an immersive, experiential space anchored by a sensory path - communicated Antron's grasp of design, color, performance and sustainability by reinforcing its position as a color and design leader, while still connecting to the First Life sustainability messaging established the prior year. The objective was to create an engaging, memorable and entertaining environment highlighting Antron's four dimensions: color, texture, pattern and light reflectance.
The "In the Fiber" concept made fiber tangible and invited user interaction. Targeted to the design community, the space required designers' involvement and celebrated them as the individuals that activate Antron's "tools." Visitors experienced fiber as a prominent design component; more than 900 miles of it was elevated "off" the floor, serving as an interior architecture element sculpting and enveloping the space, replacing traditional walls. Technology, including a gradually changing lightscape, further animated the showroom, enabling customers to participate in the design of the actual space.
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