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Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute


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Project Description


Cancer is a traumatic and continuing illness where patients endure life altering diagnosis, iterative and prolonged treatment regimens and, increasingly, life-mending healing. The building design focuses on two primary concepts: 1) an interdisciplinary and patient-centric approach to cancer care and 2) connection and relationship to natural systems as catalysts in the healing process. The approach to the new facility takes the patient through landscaped grounds and across a bridge that is a metaphor for the challenge ahead.

Juror Comments:
The connection of the building program elements to the exterior landscape demonstrates how spatial constraints can be made transparent and yet comforting in very clinical settings. Bold gesture captures light for all patrons of this special purpose facility. The form creates both layers of privacy and connection to nature and light for both the caregivers and patients. Color palette and material selection is sophisticated yet comforting. The variety of spaces allows for individual selection and comfort. The design quality is consistent from building approach, through the public spaces and deep into the treatment areas. Both the plan and section diagram thoughtfully responds to the program elements and clinical care model.
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