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Ancillae Assumpta Academy pre-school addition & alterations

Di Benedetto Associates Architects Inc.

Project Name

Ancillae Assumpta Academy pre-school addition & alterations


2025 Church Road


Project Status


Year Completed



2,000 sq. feet


Ancillae Assumpta Academy


  • Structural Engineer: Jeffrey Fertich, P.E.

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Project Description

Ancillae Assumpta Academy; Stepping Stones (Pre-School) Addition &Alterations
Program Statement: Ancillae Assumpta Academy is a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon award recipient Catholic elementary school, pre-k to 8. The Pre-school program, known as “Stepping Stones” is the first experience of the school for prospective parents & families; it is a very important component of the school’s image. Yet, this program operates in the basement of the sisters’ convent and has little presence. It has no formal entrance or identity (see slide 2). The remainder of the school’s 10 acre campus has experienced renovations and expansion of which prospective parents are aware. The condition of the pre-school program is a negative marketing issue for the school.
Special Considerations: Evaluate the entrance and car delivery patterns for an improved and more fluid approach system. Create a distinct image for the pre-school program that will set it apart from the main school’s traditional architecture. Improve the environment of the classrooms to be more attractive to the students.
Solution: Create an image for the program to attract new parents and students alike with a design that is unique and Dr. Seuss-ish to relate to the pre-schoolers. The sloped walls (see slides 3, 4, 5 & 6) & windows (see slides 7 & 8) emote a playhouse like environment to which the pre-schoolers are attracted. The Architect designed a wall mural (see slide 10) that illustrates the life cycle of a butterfly as well as the growth of a student, and butterfly & geometric floor using seamless epoxy flooring.
Exposed structural & mechanical systems serve as a teaching tool to illustrate the way the building works. The steel tube structure, base plates & anchor bolts are exposed. The anchor bolts are covered with colored rubber balls. The roof deck, joists & drains are exposed and color coated.
The existing classrooms have higher ceilings, new lighting, seamless epoxy floor finishes, and brightly colored walls.
Material & System selection: Tube steel structure; Diamond shaped roof shingles as the exterior wall finish in two colors by Atas, Inc. The beige tiles relate to the existing brick structure and the blues tiles reflect the School’s colors.
Seamless epoxy flooring with geometric floor graphics is used for its design flexibility, durability and maintenance free qualities.
Cost per SF: With held at the Client’s request.
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