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There are few travelers who would check into an expensive hotel where they are expected to sleep together in a dormitory, regardless of how broad the smile at the check-in desk, or how good the food, the wine, or in-room entertainment was, for that matter.

The clue to the airLair concept is in the name; a lair is a secret or private place in which a person seeks concealment or seclusion, a perfect way to restore your equilibrium after a business trip to the other side of the world. Some form of individual pod has been mooted in the past but never realised, and the clue to making the idea work was the nestling of an upper pod in a second tier along the aircraft. This means that a 1-2-1 First Class configuration in a short cabin, that delivers 16 seats could be replaced by this new product and you would see up to 28 pods in the same space. And they all offer a 73-inch lie-flat bed.

Two heights have been examined, one of which would allow existing overhead stowages to remain, however by their removal and the addition of monument stowage for passenger bags, all the space available in a typical wide bodied jet can be used to create a new and innovative aircraft experience. Even the aisles would be among the widest flying.

Features include a flip down, transparent screen which is lit by a 3D projector, that also shines a menu onto the opened table. The pod has a night, shut-down mode where the adjoining pod or window is closed off and the integrated night-sky feature and surround-sound noise cancellation takes you far, far away.

Who is it aimed at? People who would rather be in a well appointed private jet, than a commercial aircraft. This concept is all about creating the ultimate in personal space, the first genuinely personal space, one that makes you feel embraced, comforted, and secure. If you can slide into a Ferrari, which is more of a challenge than getting into a lower pod, or hop up into a Learjet, this is for you.
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