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4730 California Avenue

Weber Thompson

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4730 California Avenue


4730 California Ave


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We love it when a project extends the fabric of a neighborhood and is welcomed with open arms. After working closely with the community, and receiving their overwhelming support, we designed a building that brought new retail to a retail Mecca.
Somewhat of an oddity, the former Petco, and before that grocery store then bingo parlor, was essentially a blank wall surrounded by small, long-beloved retail along West Seattle’s California Avenue. The new building will continues the existing retail pattern, reflecting the materials and proportions of the surrounding buildings but interpreting them in a modern way with brick and black steel storefronts.

The nearly 5,000 sf of retail wraps around the north corner of the building and extends into a new mid-block pedestrian connector. This pass through is generously widened and activated by holding the building back at ground level and lining it with retail, the building’s main entry and activity spaces such the tenant amenity and lounge area. This activity follows the entire connector and continues part way along the back of the building with the fitness center, creating eyes on the alley and enhancing safety. The landscaping along here works with the modulation of the building to create a ground plan to successfully integrate both and bring an enhanced amenity to the neighborhood.

A strong corner tower marks the entrance to the connector, with a base that allows for ample seating, and overhead weather protection creating a small enclave that welcomes pedestrians and residents. A second element, above the retail bays, steps back to create landscaped amenities for the apartments at the third level. The modulation of the façade is highly detailed on all four sides to create visual interest and draw the eye.
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