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2013 Solar Decathlon: Start.Home

Stanford Solar Decathlon

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2013 Solar Decathlon: Start.Home

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Stanford’s Start.Home will revolutionize living sustainably through the seamless integration of technology in a home that can grow as your needs change. Our designs allow for easy add-ons and customization, while our pre-engineered start.core provides you with the energy efficiency needed in a net-zero home.

A Start.Home is simple, elegant, and affordable. Whether you’re well versed in clean technology, or just hoping to invest in a home that can grow with you, Start.Home makes living green as simple as pushing a button.

Efficiency Without Sacrificing Creativity
Our hope is to eliminate “cookie-cutter” homes; instead, every house will be an expression of the individual while also performing with optimal efficiency on a simple, connected network. We believe that this simple concept of a shared core can spark a revolution in the home industry by making the business of homebuilding as simple and cost-effective as a manufacturing assembly line. But by no means is that at conflict with sustainability or comfort; we can reduce the energy use of entire neighborhoods while still allowing for personalized design.

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