ra50: Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects

evanston, ill.

Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker set the standard for creativity within a traditional vocabulary.


Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects

  • The architects of this project typically design contemporary houses, but whatever the style, the challenges of an open kitchen remain the same.

The New American Bungalow, Evanston, Ill.: Architect: Cohen & Hacker Architects, Evanston; General contractor: Sturm Builders, Northbrook, Ill.; Interior designer: James Thomas, Chicago

    Designing Great Open Kitchens

    A look at three different open kitchens show artful ways that designers met the challenges that open kitchens pose.

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    A Shrunken Economy Leaves Architects Struggling to Juggle More Small Jobs

    Smaller projects mean more client interviews, thinner profit margins, and more jobs starting and stopping.

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    How Architects and Their Clients Deal with Obstructionist Neighbors

    While not everyone shares the same aesthetic, there are strategic, peaceful ways to handle design differences among neighbors.

  • new book explores how cohen and hacker "transform the traditional"

    The first monograph of the work of Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker reveals how the architects tailor their residential designs for each client's unique needs.

  • tech meets tradition

    Floor-to-ceiling windows along two walls are the first hint that this master bathroom remodel was designed for an adventurous person. The client, say architects Stuart Cohen, FAIA, and Julie Hacker, AIA, is a “very interesting guy who owns a telecommunications company and collects English Arts &...

  • structured whimsy

    Architects Stuart Cohen, FAIA, and Julie Hacker, AIA, are known for their elegant, timeless designs. And nowhere is their talent more finely expressed than in the kitchen, where they filter a deep knowledge and affinity for classical details through a subtly modern lens.

  • Rewriting the Classics

    Stuart Cohen, FAIA, looked at the relationship between classical and modern architecture, which is closer than many might think.

  • hall of fame: stuart cohen, faia, and julie hacker, aia

    No one would call Stuart Cohen, FAIA, or Julie Hacker, AIA, shy. The encyclopedic Cohen, a former professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, never seems more comfortable than when eloquently expounding on all things architectural.

  • a tale of two houses

    Philip Johnson's Glass House is often cited as his best building. While it was completed before Mies van der Rohe's house for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, it is generally considered derivative of that project, even though the all-glass house was hardly invented by Mies.

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