ra50: Salmela Architect

duluth, minn.

David Salmela blends region-specific modernism with the human need for comfort.


Salmela Architect

  • Midwestern Modernist Firm Integrates Local Culture Into its Design Work

    By the time Residential Architect profiled him in our July 2005 issue, David Salmela, FAIA, had already achieved national respect for his sensitive regional modernism. Since then, rather than rest on his laurels, the Duluth, Minn.-based Salmela has continued to evolve as an architect.

  • Schifman Residence, Minneapolis, MN.

    2012 COTE Top Ten Green Project Firm: Salmela Architect

    David Salmela argues that all projects should have a sustainable explanation.

  • Image

    Salmela Architect

    The landscape and history of Minnesota are critical influences on David Salmela's proudly regional design.

  • Stainless steel mesh screens on teak nailers provide security and communicate quality.

    Job Site Trailer, Wayzata, Minn.

    On a rough-and-dirty construction site, this job trailer creates just the right image for its owner, a high-end contractor.

  • Michael Viveiros' coop is large enough to accommodate six hens.

    Accessory Buildings Becoming a Popular Addition to Custom Homes

    Shelters for our feathered friends are being factored into custom home building as of late.

  • announcing the winners of rada 2010!

    The 11th annual residential architect Design Awards received 978 entries in 16 categories. Just 26 projects were singled out for accolades, making RADA the most competitive residential architecture awards program in the country. The jury comprised six distinguished architects, including Ed Binkley...

  • More Architects Are Working From Home to Save Money

    If you've considered abandoning your commercial digs for the comfort and low overhead of home, you're not alone. The number of home-based entrepreneurs is likely to boom over the next few years.

  • salmela architect

    Sun-drenched white walls, taut wood, and trim slate-gray floors are trademarks of David Salmela's Scandinavia-inspired architecture. Add a cobalt blue conference table and precise stacks of white project boxes, and you have his Duluth, Minn., workspace.

  • the clure project, duluth, minn.

    Despite their radical break with tradition, the three black cubes dotting this hillside received no negative feedback from their blue-collar neighbors.

  • matthew residence, brainerd, minn.

    Most of the cabins around this summer residence run parallel to the shoreline and sit as close to the water as possible. Asked to design a replacement for a cabin that had burned down, David Salmela proposed something a little more interesting.

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