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lecompton, kan.

Rockhill and Associates blends the modern with the agrarian.


Rockhill and Associates

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    Spec Writing in the Digital Age

    The search for the perfect products has gone global--and local.

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    2011 Evergreen Awards Greenhouse Winner

    Sustainable Residence in Kansas City, Kan., by Studio 804.

  • Simple forms, utilitarian components, and abundant south light lend this new bath an astringent clarity.

    Little Farmhouse Bath, Douglas County, Kan.

    The porch-turned-bathroom of this farmhouse features floor-to-ceiling warehouse sash glazing.

  • The Sustainable Residence's southern exposure facilitates passive solar. Active systems, such as photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine, also contribute to the project's sustainability.

    Modular 4, Sustainable Residence, and Prescott Passive House, Kansas City, Kan.

    A university design/build program explores new territory in single-family housing.

  • The interiors enjoy ample daylight. The concrete floors provde thermal mass.

    Lolomas, Clovis, N.M.

    Dan Rockhill's portfolio contains historic restoration projects, public art pieces, high-design custom homes, and not much affordable housing.

  • announcing the winners of rada 2010!

    The 11th annual residential architect Design Awards received 978 entries in 16 categories. Just 26 projects were singled out for accolades, making RADA the most competitive residential architecture awards program in the country. The jury comprised six distinguished architects, including Ed Binkley...

  • Driven To Xcell

    Rockhill and Associates: Xcell spray-in cellulose is used in lieu of fiberglass to prevent air leakage more effectively than conventional insulation.

  • Ground Control

    Rockhill and Associates: ECO-TERR's StabiliGrid ground-reinforcement system, manufactured from recycled polyethylene, mitigates stormwater runoff.

  • an unsentimental education

    As an undergraduate at Auburn University in 1994, Jonathan Tate, a white suburban kid from Huntsville, Ala., signed up for Rural Studio, where he helped to design one-of-a-kind “charity houses” on a shoestring budget.

  • platform house, rural platte county, mo.

    The young owners of this house wanted a flexible and hip building within a modest footprint and budget. Dan Rockhill willingly took on the challenge.

  • nest house, hurricane valley, ark.

    This retirement house in rural Arkansas is unlike anything you'll see in Florida or Arizona, but for the homeowners it makes perfect sense. “They had a strong appreciation for what we do,” says principal in charge Dan Rockhill, “and felt they could live w

  • Seeds of Change

    Rockhill and Associates: Modular Green Roof Blocks streamline the installation of sod roofs.

  • supplied by architect

    working with fabricators to blur the boundaries between objects and art.

  • modular 3, kansas city, kan.

    This modular residence by Studio 804, architect Dan Rockhill's student design/build program at the University of Kansas, barely touches the ground.

  • kansas longhouse, rural douglas county, kan.

    This rural Kansas project reminded the jury of Australian architect Glenn Murcutt's work. “There's something about the strength, beauty, and simplicity of this house that is just wonderful,” said one judge.

  • 2006 leadership awards top firm dan rockhill

    dan rockhill and his students aren't afraid to dirty their hands building their designs.

  • unsung heroes

    remembering the candlepower behind our bright lights.

  • modern speakeasy, lawrence, kan.

    Dan Rockhill may be the only architect in the country who's designed a home restaurant. The zoning-be-damned outbuilding he fashioned for a Lawrence, Kan., chef serves as the dining room of a not-quite-legal establishment run by the owner and his wife.

  • overton retreat pavilion, mcminnville, tenn.

    Chip Webster couldn’t stifle his inner geek.

  • modular 1 and modular 2, kansas city, kan.

    The prefabricated nature of Modular 1 and Modular 2, which share residential architect's 2006 Project of the Year award, intrigued the judging panel.

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