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washington, d.c.

Muse Architects seamlessly extends the visual vocabulary of the fine, old houses and neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., and its surrounding region.


Muse Architects

  • Practice: Beyond the House

    How do residential architects break into new building types?

  • Quiet Spaces Connect Nature and Design

    Meditation and yoga rooms must be tailored exactly to the clients’ needs.

  • Image

    Piedmont Farm, Howard County, Md.

    Beautifully scaled interiors are a highlight of this rural Maryland home.

  • Highlights From Georgetown House Tour

    On Saturday I took the Georgetown House Tour, an annual Washington, D.C., institution put on by St. John's Episcopal Church. Of particular interest to me were the three architects' own houses on the tour.

  • House & Home at Nat'l Building Museum

    Last night I attended a press preview for the National Building Museum's House & Home exhibition.

  • Restoration/Renovation of and Addition to Historic Vaucluse, Machipongo, Va.

    A historic plantation house is simplified and restored.

  • Open-Plan Backlash?

    In my experience, homeowners have over the past decade expressed a consistent desire to have the kitchen and living/dining or family rooms completely integrated. Are people now moving back toward wanting a clearer division of spaces?

  • A New Use for Chalkboard Paint

    Just when you thought every possible application of chalkboard paint had been exhausted, along comes a useful tidbit from Washington, D.C.-area architect Stephen Muse, FAIA.

  • Merit Award, Historically Sensitive Renovation Over $300,000: Tidewater Tradition

    A fresh approach for adding on to a 1784 plantation home.

  • edward t. lewis quadrangle, st. mary's city, md.

    For years, Muse Architects concentrated nearly exclusively on custom homes and remodels. Now the firm takes on some institutional projects as well, but it hasn't forgotten the lessons that house design taught.

  • piedmont farm, howard county, md.

    According to Stephen Muse, FAIA, the biggest challenge to designing a large house lies in balancing variety and consistency.

  • Architects Honored as Industry Leaders

    On Tuesday, Nov. 4, three architectural firms were recognized with the 2007 residential architect Leadership Award for producing work of exemplary and inspiring quality.

  • top firm: stephen muse, faia

    Taking a visitor on a tour of his work one sunny afternoon at the end of summer, Stephen Muse, FAIA, steered his Audi through an Upper Northwest Washington, D.C., community, where several examples of his architecture stand like good neighbors, contributin

  • additions to historic west st. mary's manor, st. mary's county, md.

    The orderly floor plan at this bold modern residence captured the judges’ attention. So did its restrained materials palette and spotless execution. “It doesn’t have a flaw,” marveled one judge, speaking of the entire project.

  • Found In Translation

    When an interpreter translates a sentence, he doesn't reiterate it word for word. Instead, he communicates the speaker's fundamental meaning, adjusting structures and expressions from one tongue to another. Stephen Muse, FAIA, performed a similar adaptation for this Washington, D.C., house, which...

  • ranch

    Perhaps no other house type has inspired as much love and loathing as the ranch. This descendant of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses became ubiquitous across the post–World War II landscape, and architects adore its open, one-story plan.

  • away from home

    residential architects needn't stay in the house all day.

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