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memphis, tenn. / princeton, n.j. / celebration, fla. / baton rouge, la.

Looney Ricks Kiss offers diversity in its project types.


Looney Ricks Kiss

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    Strategies for jump-starting stalled projects

    While the economy is starting to rebound, architects need to strategize when it comes to jump-starting their stalled projects.

  • Conceived as an alternative to trailer- and mobile homebased transitional housing, the Mississippi Cottage is a temporary dwelling that can become a permanent home

    The Mississippi Alternative Housing Program Has Developed a New Model for Rescue Housing

    With its livable, regional style Mississippi Cottage the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program has developed a new model for rescue housing: a transitional dwelling that can become a permanent home.

  • Home Building 360: For Architects, Downturn is All About Survival

    Architecture firms have laid off workers, closed offices, and filed for bankruptcy protection as their builder clients have cut back or failed.

  • How Did Architects Fare During the Downturn?

    In the aftermath of the economic crash, the 10 firms featured in residential architect's January/February 2009 cover story, "Word on the Street," struggled mightily. See how they're doing now.

  • lrk files for bankruptcy

    Looney Ricks Kiss Architects filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in February 2010. Four of the firm's offices will remain open.

  • lrk expands multifamily services with sustainable renovations

  • j. carson looney, faia

    Memphis, Tenn.-based Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK) is an award-winning 25-year-old firm that had only reduced staff once prior to 2008.

  • A Match Made With Haven

    When design is given precedence, modular construction's benefits translate easily to custom building.

  • bougainvillea courtyard homes, vero beach, fla.

    These four Spanish colonial homes differ dramatically from their 1970s-style ranch neighbors, but thanks to careful planning and simple massing they blend right in. Our judges noticed, with appreciation, “the real thought” given to the project.

  • residential architect design awards

    How do you add or replace housing where it's needed, with sturdy construction, pleasing architecture, and, most important, day-to-day livability? This question was foremost in our jurors' consciousness as they embraced three projects for Project of the Ye

  • brenthaven; brentwood, tenn.

    This production house is located in a golf-course community where McMansions regularly compete for massiveness, says architect J. Carson Looney.

  • Blueprint 2000, Chapel Hill, N.C.

    When the editors of Better Homes & Gardens asked architect J. Carson Looney to design the ultimate house for the new century, he thought he'd be bound by tradition.

  • from house to housing

    In the universe of residential design, architects who craft one-off custom homes for individual clients like to think they're worlds apart from their counterparts who create plans for builders to mass-produce in America's burgeoning subdivisions. If ever two segments of the same profession were...

  • Going Local

    For big builders, the party is over. The days when they could churn out the same five plans from the home office and sprawl them across the country are on the wane.

  • Good Neighborhood Policy

    You probably think you could design something better with your good hand tied behind your back. Well, why don't you?

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