ra50: Johnsen Schmaling Architects


Johnsen Schmaling enjoys pushing itself into new conceptual territory.


Johnsen Schmaling Architects

  • eastern market row house, washington, d.c.

    The glass volume in this Washington, D.C., row house immediately calls to mind the famous quip that God is in the details.

  • sheltering birches

    It's an undeniable fact that home building consumes resources and disturbs nature. The goal of a responsible architect, then, is to design a house that blunts the blow to its delicate surroundings.

  • Neat Sheet

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: CYRO Industries' Acrylite sheets.

  • Clear Value

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: PPG Industries' Starphire ultra clear glass

  • Slight Light

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: Lumière's Westwood 913 light

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