ra50: Frank Harmon Architect

raleigh, n.c.

Frank Harmon has spent the past three decades fine-tuning his thoughtful, regional modernism.


Frank Harmon Architect

  • in plain sight

    The trouble with being a visionary is sometimes you have to wait 30 years for the rest of the world to catch up to you.

  • Top Firm: Frank Harmon Architect

    Frank Harmon has won his fair share of accolades for design over the years. But no occasion evoked such a pointed reaction to his work as the judging of the entries for AIA North Carolina in 1999, when Harmon swept the competition by winning three out of four Honor Awards in his home state.

  • on the boards / the perfect dorm

    About a year ago, a group of Duke University students approached Raleigh, N.C., architect Frank Harmon with an intriguing request. They asked him to draw up a proposal for an environmentally friendly student residence that could double as a laboratory for studying and developing green building...

  • prefab confab

    factory-built houses are the new darlings of the media and the architectural community, but can prefab really bring high design to mainstream housing? leaders in architectural practice and theory speak out.

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