ra50: Frank Harmon Architect

raleigh, n.c.

Frank Harmon has spent the past three decades fine-tuning his thoughtful, regional modernism.


Frank Harmon Architect

  • Rising Star: Tonic Design | Tonic Construction

    This Raleigh, N.C.-based firm, made up of the husband-and-wife team of Vincent Petrarca and Katherine Hogan doesn't have a singular style, but does have a distinctive vision.

  • Building in the Face of Danger

    Fisherman's houses in Salterpath. N.C. that have survived hurricanes for more than 100 years.

  • 15 Young Firms to Watch: in situ studio, Raleigh, N.C.

    Launched in the midst of a recession, in situ studio succeeds by combining big-league talent with rookie enthusiasm.

  • Regional Design at AIA 2012

    The AIA 2012 session "Connect to the World and Community: Region-Based Design and Its Connection to Culture, Community, and Place" on Thursday, May 17, was packed.

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    Top Firm: Marlon Blackwell Architect

    Marlon Blackwell Architect is taking on new challenges while staying true to its roots as a small, high-design firm.

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    Start Your Engines

    Partnering with the Clinton Global Initative, the AIA pledges to create a stalled projects database.

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    Across the Institute

    What's happening at AIA chapters across the country.

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    ra50: McKinney York Architects

    McKinney York’s work embraces both clients and the community.

  • carolina blues

    Frank Harmon Architect: Jacob's Creek Stone Co.'s Nor Carla Bluestone.

  • taylor house, scotland cay, bahamas

    From the very beginning, Raleigh, N.C., architect Frank Harmon, FAIA, knew that designing a house in the Bahamas would be a test of his design and organizational skills.

  • show your metal

    Frank Harmon Architect: American Iron and Steel Institute's pre- and post-consumer recycled steel.

  • have a heart

    Frank Harmon Architect: Heartwood Pine Floors' reclaimed 100 percent heartwood pine flooring.

  • greens fees

    Frank Harmon Architect: Living Roofs' green roof consultation, design, construction and maintenance.

  • rock star

    The environmental arguments against owning a second (or third) home seem irrefutable. An extra house perforce consumes extra building resources and operating energy, not to mention the fossil fuels used for transportation to and from the beach, mountains, or countryside. But the flip side of this...

  • Harmon Design Selected for New AIA-NC Headquarters

    Frank Harmon Architect PA took first place in the AIA North Carolina Chapter's recent headquarters design competition.

  • 2006 leadership awards top firm dan rockhill

    dan rockhill and his students aren't afraid to dirty their hands building their designs.

  • parts house pavilion, milwaukee

    Our judges called this project a “beacon for the neighbors.”

  • low-country screens, charleston, s.c.

    Having lived through Hurricane Hugo, this Charleston, S.C., homeowner wanted to make sure his new house could survive anything future hurricanes could throw at it.

  • eastern market row house, washington, d.c.

    The glass volume in this Washington, D.C., row house immediately calls to mind the famous quip that God is in the details.

  • 2005 leadership awards

    As we, the editors of residential architect, selected this year's Leadership Award winners, we sensed a deeper undercurrent of importance to this mission. That change in the air we all feel signifies a moment in time when architects finally have the ear of the American public once again. They are...

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