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  • Michael Viveiros' coop is large enough to accommodate six hens.

    Accessory Buildings Becoming a Popular Addition to Custom Homes

    Shelters for our feathered friends are being factored into custom home building as of late.

  • Architect Dennis Wedlick, AIA, and his staff drew the home's overall form and massing from the barns and other rural buildings near its site in Claverack, N.Y.

    New York's Hudson Valley Gets a Passive House From Dennis Wedlick Architect

    Architect Dennis Wedlick hopes to spread the word about the advantages of passive house construction.

  • Play Illuminates Relationships That Built the Farnsworth House

    The Glass House explores the relationships among Mies van der Rohe, Edith Farnsworth, and Philip Johnson, and how ambition and ego jeopardized the Farnsworth House's creation.

  • From Post-Modernism to Contemporary Picturesque

    Several breakout sessions were held during Reinvention, offering architects the opportunity to earn a few extra CES credits. The session led by Dennis Wedlick, AIA, of Dennis Wedlick Architect, LLC, "From Post-modernism to Contemporary Picturesque," detai

  • america's favorite dwellings

    America's favorite dwellings.

  • chez boomers

    We've heard a lot about baby boomers in the last decade or so, usually accompanied by phrases like “800-pound gorilla.” No wonder experts have been analyzing the weighty impact of this group in all arenas of modern life.

  • hall of fame: frank d. welch, faia

    Reflecting on his 50-year career, Frank D. Welch, FAIA, recalls the pivotal moment in the architectural journey as if it were yesterday.

  • breaking away

    Many architecture firms find subtle, creative ways to inject energy into their off-site meetings.

  • a tale of two houses

    Philip Johnson's Glass House is often cited as his best building. While it was completed before Mies van der Rohe's house for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, it is generally considered derivative of that project, even though the all-glass house was hardly invented by Mies.

  • blue ridge farmhouse addition, washington, va.

    When Bob Gurney's clients asked him to design an addition to their 1799 farmhouse in the rolling hills of Washington, Va., his first instinct was to imagine a Modern glass pavilion. "It seemed more respectful than a seamless composition," he says. "I wanted there to be no doubt about what was old...

  • back to school

    At the 2002 Pacific Coast Builders' Conference (PCBC) Gold Nugget awards, a very happy 69-year-old architect kept trotting up to the stage to pick up one Lucite-encased hunk of "gold" after another.

  • Listen and Learn

    Dennis Wedlick has many talents, but what's propelled him from grade school to grand central station is his ability to listen and learn.

  • glory glaze

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House and Philip Johnson's Glass House stand as seminal works of minimalist architecture. Few who laud the uninterrupted roofs and floor planes, however, would want either house as their home: The large expanses of glass make both houses demanding and expensive...

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