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bainbridge island, wash.

Cutler Anderson has mastered the art of timeless design.


Cutler Anderson Architects

  • Catskills Guest House and Artist Studio, designed by Cutler Anderson Architects.

    Catskills Guest House and Artist Studio, designed by Cutler Anderson Architects

    James Cutler of Bainbridge Island, Wash.-based Cutler Anderson Architects adds a guest house and artist studio to a home he designed in New York's Catskill Mountains in the 1980s.

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    cutler anderson architects

    "Enduring design is like good poetry ... the most said with the minimum use of words. In the case of physical design, this means the revealing of a story through the language that is inherent in materials."

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    fire starter

    Cutler Anderson Architects: A Rais wood stove is an example of enduring design.

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    great grab

    Cutler Anderson Architects: High-quality, timeless door hardware.

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    iconic columns

    Cutler Anderson Architects: Thermador’s concealed 24-inch wide columns.

  • less is door

    The Cutler Anderson Collection of hardware for the home, designed by architect James Cutler in partnership with Reveal Designs, includes door levers, passage sets, and alluringly unassuming cabinet pulls.

  • top firm: the miller|hull partnership

    No region of the United States has a stronger, more deeply rooted, or more characteristically regional modernist architecture than the Pacific Northwest.

  • shingle power

    cutler anderson architects: Hard 2 Pole shingles withstand 130-mph winds, have a high insulation value, and are a renewable resource.

  • gentle landings

    James Cutler, FAIA, recalls a well-known client who wanted to build a Spanish-style house in the woods overlooking Puget Sound. As they walked the property, Cutler asked the client why he felt Spanish architecture would be appropriate. The man replied that he simply liked the look, and that the way...

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