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    ra50: Estes/Twombly Architects

    Newport, R.I., architects James Estes and Peter Twombly employ rural vernacular forms in an architecture they term "quiet modernism, rooted in the New England tradition."

  • Image

    ra50: housebrand

    housebrand melds an architecture firm, real estate agency, and more at its office in Canada.

  • Image

    ra50: Fougeron Architecture

    Anne Fougeron’s light-infused buildings blend the old and new, industrial and domestic, technical and highly crafted.

  • Image

    ra50: Jacobsen Architecture

    Hugh Newell Jacobsen's work continues to challenge.

  • Image

    ra50: Muse Architects

    Muse Architects seamlessly extends the visual vocabulary of the fine, old houses and neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., and its surrounding region.

  • Image

    ra50: Safdie Rabines Architects

    Safdie Rabines Architects picks up larger projects, but houses remain vital to the firm.

  • Image

    ra50: Fernau & Hartman Architects

    Fernau & Hartman reinvents the local “street language” of architecture to bring out what’s best in a site.

  • Image

    ra50: Johnsen Schmaling Architects

    Johnsen Schmaling enjoys pushing itself into new conceptual territory.

  • Image

    ra50: Marmol Radziner

    Marmol Radziner takes the rigor and inventiveness of its designs all the way through to construction.

  • Image

    ra50: Mithun

    Mithun designs regionally appropriate homes witha sustainable twist.

  • Image

    ra50: Glenn Murcutt

    Glenn Murcutt does it all—and on his own—when it comes to residential work.

  • Image

    ra50: McKinney York Architects

    McKinney York’s work embraces both clients and the community.

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