Architects' Choice: Architectural Panels

  • panel decision

    michael mcdonough architect: Winter Panel's structural insulated panels are composed of foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board and ranges between thicknesses of 4½-to-6½-inches.

  • paper work

    graybeal architects: Richlite's paper-based surfacing is made from resin-treated paper that is pressed and baked into solid sheets. The material resists heat and stains, according to the company.

  • slide away

    Min | Day: Fleetwood's energy-efficient windows and sliding glass doors.

  • meritorious minerit

    Min | Day: Fiber cement panels from Minerit.

  • glass substitute

    Min|Day: Interstate Plastics' sanded acrylic alternative to glass.

  • color blocking

    Konyk Architecture: LightBlocks are light-transmitting Plexiglas panels.

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