The architects love natural light, but they acknowledge that windows—even low-E gas-filled units—can be a significant source of heat loss and gain. So they often turn to Kalwall+ Nanogel, a translucent cladding and roofing system with an R-value of 20. “Polycarbonates and translucent glass systems filled with Nanogel have insulating properties four times greater than insulating glass units and equivalent to solid wall,” Ewing says. Kalwall Corp., 800.258.9777;

other favorites

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association: lightweight concrete block,

3form USA: eco-resin panels,

WhalePower Corp.: wind turbines,


Hays + Ewing Design Studio
allison ewing, aia, leed ap, and christopher hays, aia, leed ap
charlottesville, va.