sustainable paints/coatings

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    New VOC-Free Paint Colorant

    Sherwin-Williams introduces zero-VOC ColorCast Eco Toners for tinting its latex and water-based paints.

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    Air Barrier from Cosella-Dorken

    Delta-Vent SA creates an air- and watertight seal to improve energy efficiency.

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    The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.'s SafePaint

    SafePaint milk paint is suitable for nonporous surfaces.

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    Sansin's Purity Stain

    Purity water-based stain penetrates wood and contains no VOCs.

  • natura nada

    The Natura line of no-VOC paints comes in 3,500 colors and three sheens.

  • sub-zero

    Sub-Zero refrigerator and wine-storage units.

  • benjamin moore

    The Moore brothers started their paint company in a small Brooklyn, N.Y., building in 1883.

  • polygal

    Polygal plastic-based products.

  • marvin

    Citing the Warroad, Minn.-based company's product quality, technical support, and willingness to take on almost any design challenge, our readers ranked Marvin as their preferred window brand whenever the budget allows it.

  • ave varia

    archi-tectonics: 3form's resin-based architectural panels are free of volatile oragnic compounds, solvents and emissions. Panels can be had in 4-by-8-and 4-by-10-foot sheets up to an inch thick.

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