gas light
Bevelo gas and electric lanterns, Khoury-Vogt says, "are timeless in their design and work with nearly any style, of architecture." Khoury-Vogt says. Family made in New Orleans French Quarter, the copper-constructed lamps with a live finish, are constructed from copper withthat has a living finish. "[O]ne of the the very few lighting options that can hold up gracefully in a in a Gulf-side setting. setting," the architect notesadds. Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights, 504.522.9485;
khoury & vogt architectsmarieanne khoury-vogt, aia, and erik vogt, aiaalys beach,

Credit: Michael Granberry

Khoury & Vogt Architects
Marianne Khoury-Vogt, AIA, and Erik Vogt, AIA    
Alys Beach, Fla.