sustainable bath products

  • Coverings Etc Bio-Luminum Tiles Now Available

    Bio-Luminum tiles are made from 100 percent aircraft aluminum alloy.

  • Glass-Based Surfacing Suitable Over Walls, Floors

  • all that glass

    Banducci Associates Architects: Oceanside Glasstile's Tessera are made from silica sand and, in some cases, post-consumer recycled bottle glass.

  • the low-down

    Gerber's Ultra Flush high-efficiency toilet uses only 1.1 gallons of water per flush.

  • for your amusement

    Amuse is the latest addition to Waterfall's environmentally sensitive bath vanity line.

  • good sense

    Holst Architecture: Kohler Co.'s Cimarron 1.28-gallons-per-flush toliet tank.

  • flow going

    Grohe's streamlined Rainshower F-Series showerheads and body sprays help create a minimalist, contemporary bath.

  • sustainable spa

    Methven's Satinjet Tahi shower system delivers a waterfall spray of 3,000 droplets per second, but only consumes 2.3 gallons of water per minute.

  • water woes

    The U.S. freshwater supply is drying up. Well-documented shortages in the West have been spreading east to Atlanta, Florida, and the Carolinas, among other areas, and clean-water advocates and government officials are concerned.

  • Recycled Materials Create Tiles

    Two easily recyclable materials come together in one beautiful tile collection by Erin Adams.

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