Green Pieces

  • pure substitute

    Pure Substitute - Bamboo-based building products are commonplace, but only offerings from San Francisco-based Smith & Fong boast certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

  • Recycled Glass Surfacing Changes Color

  • Aluminum Recycled Into Countertops

  • Recycled Materials Create Tiles

    Two easily recyclable materials come together in one beautiful tile collection by Erin Adams.

  • Energy-Efficient Light Fixture From Flux

    Michelle Kaufmann, AIA, partnered with Flux, a Seattle-based industrial design studio, to create Vessel. The snazzy, energy-efficient light fixture comprises a slender, blown-glass cylinder that doubles as a vase and a powder-coated metal base that casts light from both ends.

  • Site Celebrates Turning Trash into Art, a Web site launched by the Dutch firm 2012 Architects, invites all creative types to submit projects that turn trash-bound materials into functional art.

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