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    Dollars for Density

    Strategies for growth and wellbeing.

  • Sunny Sitting Areas for Every Climate

    Natural daylighting, passive heating, cross-ventilation, and generating a beautiful backdrop are some of the advantages generated by concentrating glazing to form a sunny sitting area. All of that, plus the perfect place for a cat nap.

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    Structuring Resilience

    We ignore the facts at our peril.

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    Construction Systems That Fix Themselves, For Better or Worse

    Self-repairing materials can lead to lighter, longer-lasting building components. But does less always mean more?

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    Research in Motion

    Advancing building performance.

  • Energy Star 3.0 Marks First Year

    Green builders of all sizes can learn from early adopters of the year-old standard.

  • 10 Top Design Trends of 2012

    There was a lot to love in this year's home designs, but here are the design trends that matter most.

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    A Virtuous Cycle

    Market Transformation chair Cliff Majersik says the drive to broader markets will be fueled by increased code compliance and the transformation of appraisal and finance processes.

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    The Balance of Systems

    Codes and Standards chair Sam Rashkin describes how new codes and evolving rating systems are addressing the "house-as-a-system" approach to performance.

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    Pushing Performance

    Systems thinking will take building science into the areas of air purification, rightsized HVAC components, and home energy management systems, says Building Systems Research chair Michael Dickens.

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