us tile has partnered with srs energy to produce its solé power tile system, which the manufacturer claims was "the first truly integrated solar solution in the nation."

Solar-Integrated Roofing Makes a Splash

new roofing options help solar panels hide in plain sight.

New roofing helps solar panels hide in plain sight.

lander group favors marvin's integrity fiberglass windows and doors for its multifamily projects. the windows offer good looks, durability, and energy efficiency, developer michael lander says.

Selecting Windows for Multifamily Projects Is Harder and Easier Than You Think

How do you spec durable, high-performing windows for a multifamily project? Very...

bioglass countertop is made from 100 percent recycled glass and comes in several colors.

Recycled-Content Products Should Be Speced Carefully

What role should recycled-content products play in your design work?

fry reglet corp. produces a plentiful supply of channels and trim pieces that help solve transition problems. for this bath, slant studio used fry reveals at the corners of the window and between the tile and mirror.

the new standard

There are plenty of off-the-shelf products on the market that can help resolve...


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