2005 architects' choice

  • big box

    muse architects: Lennox Hearth Products' Superior TM-4500 prefabricated box and flue is one of the largest in the industry, according to the manufacturer. The 45-inch-wide clean-faced product features a realistic brick interior.

  • light touch

    muse architects: Bevolo's gas and electric antique-style lights are fashioned from copper and brass and may be custom-made or adapted from some of the company's popular designs.

  • neat and thrifty

    albertsson hansen architecture: Ikea cabinets feature ¾-inch-thick particleboard, aluminum and tempered glass doors, and nickel-plated hinges.

  • glass substitute

    Min|Day: Interstate Plastics' sanded acrylic alternative to glass.

  • slide away

    Min | Day: Fleetwood's energy-efficient windows and sliding glass doors.

  • meritorious minerit

    Min | Day: Fiber cement panels from Minerit.

  • white sheets

    Konyk Architecture: Conan acrylic-based solid surface is a durable, maintenance-free product.

  • bowled over

    Konyk Architecture: TOTO's Ultimate toilet features a power gravity flushing system.

  • color blocking

    Konyk Architecture: LightBlocks are light-transmitting Plexiglas panels.

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