2005 architects' choice

  • the wheel reinvented

    ms-31: Roppe rubber flooring tiles can be used to absorb and reduce noise and are made from recycled tires.

  • solid pretender

    ms-31: Avonite's Studio Collection Frosted Glass solid surfacing emulates glass, concrete and metal and comes in a range of textures and colors.

  • shiny side up

    ms-31: Stainless steel siding from Ideal Mechanical is durable and low-maintenance, according to architect Sebastian Mariscal.

  • paper work

    graybeal architects: Richlite's paper-based surfacing is made from resin-treated paper that is pressed and baked into solid sheets. The material resists heat and stains, according to the company.

  • color wash

    graybeal architects: Sandhill Industries' glass tiles are offered in numerous colors and sizes and are made from 100 percent recycled material.

  • lime twist

    graybeal architects: Le Décor lime plaster from TransMineral USA is made from natural lime and is free of acrylics and resins, the company says.

  • best in glass

    graybeal architects: Vitraform's colored sinks are made from a double layer of laminated glass and come in two shapes and 12 colors.

  • holey rail

    graybeal architects: McNichols' perforated metal comes in various hole patterns, gauges, materials, and sizes. In this case, architect Doug Graybeal incorporated it into a stair rail.

  • essential oil

    nagle hartray danker kagan mckay penney: Penofin's Brazilian Rosewood oil penetrates wood, hardening and protecting individual fibers.

  • tackling block

    nagle hartray danker kagan mckay penney: Pittsburgh Corning's glass block comes in an assortment of patterns, shapes, and sizes and can be utilized to allow light into spaces while maintaining privacy.

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