• beautiful clay

    Gypsum wallboard is versatile and economical but often needs some dressing up. Paint is one option, but this clay-based plaster might also fit the bill.

  • cold fusion

    Just when you thought concrete might have reached its limit as a sophisticated interior spec, Denver-based Metallo Cast Sinks and Surfaces has taken the material one step further: The company fuses concrete and metal to create an inventive line of basins, vessel sinks, and countertops.

  • pleasure dome

    This Dome pendant is perfect if you want to trick out a loft or simply give your custom home a hint of commercial chic.

  • bright lights

    Westwork Architects: Cable systems from Translite Sonoma Lighting.

  • cool air

    Westwork Architects: Modern Fan Company's ceiling fans.

  • nice work

    Westwork Architects: Pella windows

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