• Slight Light

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: Lumière's Westwood 913 light

  • bud light

    stelle architects: Luceplan's Solar Bud is a solar powered exterior light fixture that automatically turns on as the sun sets. It is 0.6 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height, and it can be easily stuck into the ground.

  • new depths

    michael g. imber, architect: Deep Landing's handcrafted light fixtures have a “twist that indicates a new look for our generation,” says architect Michael G. Imber.

  • light touch

    muse architects: Bevolo's gas and electric antique-style lights are fashioned from copper and brass and may be custom-made or adapted from some of the company's popular designs.

  • beautiful clay

    Gypsum wallboard is versatile and economical but often needs some dressing up. Paint is one option, but this clay-based plaster might also fit the bill.

  • cold fusion

    Just when you thought concrete might have reached its limit as a sophisticated interior spec, Denver-based Metallo Cast Sinks and Surfaces has taken the material one step further: The company fuses concrete and metal to create an inventive line of basins, vessel sinks, and countertops.

  • pleasure dome

    This Dome pendant is perfect if you want to trick out a loft or simply give your custom home a hint of commercial chic.

  • bright lights

    Westwork Architects: Cable systems from Translite Sonoma Lighting.

  • cool air

    Westwork Architects: Modern Fan Company's ceiling fans.

  • nice work

    Westwork Architects: Pella windows

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