The Apollo

Recall life before CAD and BIM with a forthcoming drafting pen and architectural scale set whose Minimalist geometric form makes it worthy of a spot on—not in—your desk. The scale, crafted from a single block of aluminum, houses three titanium-and-stainless-steel pens whose modular components accommodate a variety of popular refill cartridges and Apollo-brand tips, including a stylus. The Apollo Pen and scale are the work of serial entrepreneurs Paul Blais and Pranay Kumar, who launched the design on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter this fall. To date, they’ve raised $100,000 toward the pen’s production. Though not architects themselves, Blais and Kumar tested prototypes with design students and professors at Carlton University, in Ottawa, Canada, the duo’s hometown. “The whole idea of the pen is that it will last forever because of the materials,” Blais says. “You’ll always be able to use it. It’ll never be obsolete.” The first batch of pens—delivered to those who backed the crowd-funding campaign—are anticipated for delivery this month.

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