SightSpace Free-D

Despite digital and printed renderings, it can be hard for a client to visualize a design in a real-world environment. Limitless Computing specializes in augmented reality technology, which, when incorporated into the company’s software programs such as SightSpace 3D, overlays digital designs onto the real world to scale. As a result, users can walk virtually through projects while wearing 3D glasses. SightSpace is now available in a free version—in the form of an app—which is compatible with Apple products. This app, SightSpace Free-D, allows clients to view up to three models without a cost. All of the capabilities of SightSpace 3D are available as in-app purchases, so desired features can be customized. Possible applications include allowing a client to see potential countertops, appliances, and other products as if they were standing in their own kitchen or bath.

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