Prisma is the burnishing of a three-dimensional representation of an image that uses the dispersing of light and reflection on the surface of metal to create a permanent image. It is the ultimate combination of durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal - the chic, modern, and elite metal finishing option offered by MetalTech-USA.

The choice of pre-finished and fabricated metal products is fundamental to both the visual appearance and long-term performance of any exterior or interior element. Prisma is a technically and aesthetically superior metal finishing that provides architects with the freedom to create architecturally striking elements that meet fundamental, sustainable, and functional needs. With the use of our advanced and innovative technology, we have the ability to transform and exude three dimensional, textured-looking
images, patterns, and shapes on any of our architectural grade metal materials without texturizing and altering the materials.
Features + Benefits
Prisma enables you to create beautiful, modern, and unique exterior and interior projects with enhanced attributes and benefits such as . . .

- Aesthetic appeal
- Customized to fit any image, pattern, shape
- Economical and Eco-Friendly
- Safety and Security
- Limitless options
- Ease of Fabrication
- Versatile, Durable, and Sustainable

Prisma can be applied to a variety of architectural grade materials with a variety of translucent anodizing finishes such as stainless steel, zinc, titanium, aluminum, and more. MetalTech-USA provides Prisma in sheets or systems and has the capability to use single skin or composites.

Prisma can be used to fulfill all objectives for interior and exterior applications including, but not limited to Building Facades, Ceilings/ Ceiling Tiles, Column Covers, Fixtures, Flooring, Furniture, Murals, Featured Walls, Screen Walls, Modular Rain Screen Facades, Walkways.

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