Plumen 002

London-based studio Hulger is out to craft a high-design, energy-efficient lamp with Plumen 002. Released more than three years after its neon-sign-inspired Plumen 001, which is now in the permanent collection at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York, the 2500K lamp is intended to replace 30W incandescents. “The change in lighting is enormous—billions of lamps are going to be changed in the next 10 years to energy-efficient technologies. That’s not just about a subtle product preference,” Hulger co-founder Nicolas Roope told ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING. “It’s a great moment because there’s so much conversation. It’s the moment when brands are made.” The non-dimmable lamp measures 6.29" tall, 2.55" wide, and 2.59" deep. The company wraps up its crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter in early February.

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