International music star Moby is known for his inventive mixes, unexpected collaborations, and as of late his eye for remarkable buildings. He recently left his hometown of New York City and moved to Los Angeles, where he began blogging about the funky mish-mash of (mostly) residential architecture in Southern California. In addition to his musical pedigree, Moby is a self-proclaimed architecture nerd and avid photographer with a published book of his work called Moby: Destroyed that chronicles life on the concert tour circuit. Those skills make the blog visually interesting, while his light-hearted albeit knowledgeable comments make it entertaining as well. Unfortunately, the buildings’ architects are rarely mentioned or known to the blogger because they are the result of wonderings with a camera and found by happenstance in most cases. When he can, however, Moby gives a little history on the project being featured in that day’s post. Thanks to his admiration of famous architectural photographer Julius Shulman, Moby posts black and white photos of the houses he stumbles upon with few exceptions—gorgeous, sunny days or when the landscape is the main attraction.

Moby launched his new blog about three weeks ago to share his utter wonderment at the unexpected range of house styles he sees in LA. The confluence of too much or too little money with a mild climate results in many great and occasionally bizarre designs, which is what attracts his eye as he ventures out on frequent urban hikes that the New Yorker in him is unable to give up. “One of the things that fascinates and baffles me about LA is the randomness and accidental beauty and strangeness of the architecture here,” he writes. “Every day I arbitrarily see buildings and houses and odd structures that go from beautiful to the banal, and usually within 10 feet of each other.” The stylistic randomness of the profiled projects along with elegant photos and intelligent, fun prose make Moby’s Los Angeles Architecture Blog worth bookmarking.