“I love architecture because…” is how you should begin your two- or three-sentence submission to the recently launched “ I Love Architecture” campaign by Architecture for Humanity (AFH). Get even more personal and compose a love letter to a beloved architect or building. You also can produce a short video, create a playlist of favorite buildings, send a list of your favorite architecture films, or share your thoughts on the most romantic buildings for impressing a date. And for those who are truly inspired by the “I Love Architecture” ideals, AFH is enlisting like-minded folks to become Ambassadors of Love. Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of AFH, writes an open letter detailing how this project can bring together the architecture community during this challenging time. He says despite the past few years of layoffs, lost jobs, and economic struggles, architects remain admired around the world. A little professional self-respect can go a long way toward improving everyone’s outlook, according to Sinclair. The goal of this project is to boost the profession’s morale, so during the next four months AFH invites anyone who loves architecture—not just architects—to speak out. Sinclair urges participation by sharing his personal love affair with architecture and declaring that architects have the power to improve the lives of “7 billion people who long for great spaces to live, work, and play.”