Inspired by medieval paintings of European gardens, Carnegie’s Eden, Eden Solid, and Shangri-La wall coverings feature large-scale floral repeats in rich earth tones. Eden highlights a 124-inch floral design while Shangri-La puts a contemporary spin on classic damask. Eden Solid combines a warm color palette and neutral fabric with subtle textures and two-toned effects. All three coverings come in 54-inch-wide squares. The Eden and Eden Solid designs are crafted from a linen, rayon, cotton, and polyester blend, while Shangri-La is 55 percent polyester and 45 percent cotton. Carnegie also added new color palettes to four of its Creation Baumann fabrics, totaling 115 wash options among its Allegro, Naxos, Palazzo, and Soprano lines. Woven from 100 percent Trevira fibers, the Allegro, Naxos, and Soprano fabrics come in 118-inch-wide fire-retardant squares. Palazzo is available in 63-inch fire-retardant squares and comprises a blend of ramie, rayon, linen, silk, and polyester.