Homeowners want master bedrooms that are havens of relaxation and serenity, and architects try to give their clients those sensations through simple design and uncluttered, welcoming spaces. If there’s an opportunity to include a stunning view it can amplify the spirit of escape in the room. Incorporating a panoramic vista also creates spaciousness without increasing square footage.

Establishing a balance of protection and openness in the master bedroom is another crucial design objective, and a compact space with a big view can accomplish that effect. So despite the bedroom’s primary purpose being slumber, translucent glass walls or banks of windows typically adorn the space. It’s up to the architect to give the homeowners all the benefits of natural light and an inspiring scene to start and end each day while also generating privacy and a safe atmosphere. Focusing the outdoor connection along one wall and keeping the rest of the room’s enclosure solid often is the solution.

The accompanying slideshow presents examples of some transformative master bedrooms with walls of glass framing skylines, oceans, and wooded panoramas.