The most recent owner of the Fitzpatrick House has donated the historic property—the only spec house Rudolph M. Schindler ever designed—to the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles at the Schindler House. Originally named for Clifton Fitzpatrick, the real estate developer who commissioned it in 1936, the stunning 2,400-square-foot cliffside residence will be renamed the Fitzpatrick-Leland House to honor the work and generosity of its donor and former owner, Russ Leland, who restored the house. It will serve as the headquarters of the newly formed MAK Urban Future Initiative (UFI), an international fellowship program that provides two-month residencies to cultural researchers.

Located prominently at the crest of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, the house sprawls across a large lot. Between 1936 and 1990, when Russ Leland purchased it, Schindler's original design had been obscured by previous residents, who had drywalled over large windows, walled-in the second-floor balcony, and plastered over a fireplace. Leland worked with architect and contractor Jeff Fink over a 10-year period to recreate Schindler's original vision.

The Fitzpatrick-Leland House's light-filled spaces and extensive grounds offer an ideal setting for research, contemplation, and conversation, according to MAK Vienna artistic director Peter Noever and MAK Center director Kimberli Meyer. It will house researchers from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East who have come to Los Angeles to investigate urban phenomena, including sustainability, immigration, and social justice.

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