The Årgång Collection features a selection of re-issued midcentury designs.
Ikea The Årgång Collection features a selection of re-issued midcentury designs.

Midcentury–modern design lovers on a budget take note. Swedish homewares maker Ikea is celebrating its 70th anniversary, which occurred in 2013, by reviving a selection of legacy textiles, furniture, and lighting that it first issued in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. The 26-piece, limited-edition Årgång Collection represents the formative years of a brand known for developing the concept of flat packaging to ship its ready-to-assemble Scandinavian products globally.

The news follows the July 2013 re-launch of the product that Ikea attributes to the development of its streamlined packaging method. The Lövbacken (below) is the most recent iteration of the 1955 Lövet coffee table and is also included in the Årgång series. The company says that when founder Ingvar Kamprad was attempting to transport the Lövet, he removed its screw-in legs in order to fit the unit in the trunk of his car—thus cutting down on the space it occupied.

The Lövbacken coffee table.
Ikea The Lövbacken coffee table.

Årgång will be available in select Ikea stores worldwide, with certain textiles and the Knäsjö floor lamp not offered in the U.S. The collection includes the Gardskar pendant fixture, which was introduced in 1959 as Sila, and the Ekenaset chair, which launched as the Esbjerb chair in 1957 (both shown below).

Just don’t forget your Allen wrench.

The Ekenaset chair.
Ikea The Ekenaset chair.

The Gardskar luminaire.
Ikea The Gardskar luminaire.

This article has been updated to correct an earlier statement saying that the Skoven rug is not available in the U.S. It is available in the U.S.