Sebastian Schmaling, AIA
Johnsen Schmaling Architects, Milwaukee
“Miroslav Šik is a Czech architect who studied under Aldo Rossi and whose (mostly unbuilt) architecture emphasizes the inherent qualities of a specific place. His abstract understanding of what it means to be contextual (or ‘analogous,' as he calls it) permits him to quote from the everyday—sometimes even banal—vernacular, without submitting to vulgar folklore or sentimental historicisms.”

Eddie Jones, AIA
Jones Studio, Phoenix
“Frank Lloyd Wright, because of his ability to keep reinventing himself. He never stopped being a student of architecture. Bruce Goff. His education did not get in the way of his creativity. Lou Kahn. I admire him so much, because even with the most complex project he could hold it all in his mind—all the systems were beautifully integrated and resolved. Paul Rudolph was extremely creative and clever—he could counter whatever mass it took to make a space. The voids were twice as dynamic as the mass.”

Heather McKinney, AIA
McKinney Architects, Austin, Texas
“I consider Susan Maxman, FAIA, a visionary in the realm of green building. As the first woman president of the AIA, she was a strong and effective advocate for sustainable design, in essence bringing it into the mainstream of our practice.”

Neal Jones, AIA
Jones Studio, Phoenix
“One is Bruce Goff. The other one is him” [points to his brother, Eddie Jones, AIA].

Griz Dwight, AIA
GrizForm Design Architects, Washington, D.C.
“Akira Kurosawa. The beautiful intricacies of color, movement, light, and shadow of his films create a visual depth that is far beyond the two dimensions of his chosen medium. His ability to create space and mood through subtle variations is something that I strive for in my architecture.”