Marcie Meditch, AIA
Meditch Murphey Architects, Chevy Chase, Md.
“When I take an early morning walk.”

Guy Peterson, FAIA
Guy Peterson/Office for Architecture, Sarasota, Fla.
“In the swimming pool. I swim every day at lunch and it's amazing how many problems I solve.”

Sarah Nettleton, AIA
Sarah Nettleton Architects, Minneapolis
“I love sitting at my desk ... [shown above] because we have a wonderful office with lots of light. And I love bouncing ideas off my colleagues.”

Jennifer Luce, AIA
LUCE et studio architects, San Diego
“I do my best work staring out at the ocean view I have from my house [shown above]. It's such an infinite image it reminds me the possibilities are endless. Fifty feet of glass right on the ocean. It's really changed my life.”

Ken Wilson, AIA
Envision Design, Washington, D.C.
“I often get ideas in the shower, or while I am sitting in traffic. (I drive a Toyota Prius, so there is no emission generated!)”

Stephen H. Kanner, FAIA
Kanner Architects, Santa Monica, Calif.
“I tend to do a lot of my best thinking on airplanes. The beauty of that is you're in an environment where you can really focus.”