Situated in a 100-acre park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Ruth Lilly pavilion was designed by Fayetteville, Ark.–based Marlon Blackwell Architect. The project features an angular canopy of ipe wood slats that envelops a glass-enclosed multipurpose room.

Jury: “This pavilion is artfully cast in the shadows of the adjacent trees; its transparency is enhanced by a latticed canopy that filters light through its entirety. … Its low posture and horizontal form enhance the encompassing flora.”

Client: “It is incredibly beautiful to sit in there, and quiet and contemplative. It’s like sitting outside, only you are in a building. I think what it does is it really heightens your awareness of what is around you—the nature and light and the colors and textures and sounds.” —Lisa Freiman, director, 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park