Courtesy Dezeen

AIA’s English counterpart, the Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA), upped its protesting game yesterday when it released a list of Olympic Game contributors on the window of its headquarters. RIBA president Angela Brady wrote an editorial in support of the architecture and engineering firms who built London’s Olympics, but who are contractually banned from promoting their work. The official No Marketing Rights protocol requires about 40 contributors to direct media to official Olympic Games channels, ArtInfo reports. The firms can’t even submit their work to architectural awards programs, as Wilkinson.Eyre Architects, the firm behind the white, so-nicknamed “marshmallow” basketball arena, found out. Stated Brady in a press release:

Architects and engineers have delivered incredible buildings which are hosting the London 2012 Games right now. We are calling on LOCOG [London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games] to be proud of our architectural and engineering achievements for the London 2012 Olympics and do everything they can to promote the buildings and all the designers involved. Time is of the essence and we want them to start doing it now, and very importantly, to let architects get out there and talk about their work now. Let’s shout about the great design and engineering talent that the UK has to offer and not miss this valuable opportunity to do so.

Yesterday, Brady, chair of New London Architecture Peter Murray, and the president of Institute of Structural Engineers John Nolan were photographed with black tape over their mouths in front of the banner on RIBA’s headquarters.

Construction News reports that negotiations are under way between the government, British Olympic Association, and London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games to resolve the issue.