Architects from all around the country gathered in Seattle Sept. 14-16 for residential architect's 2009 Reinvention Symposium, "The New, New Reality: Expanding the Architect's Role Through Outreach, Innovation & Collaboration." Speakers Andrés Duany, FAIA; Gary Brewer, AIA; John Brown, RAIC; Jeremiah Eck, FAIA; Steve Glenn; Robert Hull, FAIA; David Miller, FAIA; Robert Humble, AIA; Michelle Kaufmann, AIA, LEED AP; William H. Kreager, FAIA; Tom Kundig, FAIA; Erik Lerner, AIA; Steven A. Moore, Ph.D.; Michael Pyatok, FAIA, and others shared how architects are redefining the scope, relevance, and capacity of their practices in the face of today's economic challenges. Follow the links below to read the magazine's Web-exclusive coverage of the event.

keynote address—"beyond the building: the architect's best hope for greater relevance" / andrés duany, faia, duany plater-zyberk & co.

(Watch the full Keynote Address video or the abridged version)

panel discussion—partnering with allied professions to bring new ideas to market / steve glenn, ceo, livinghomes; tom kundig, faia, olson sundberg kundig allen architects; robert humble, aia

breakout session—architects as real estate agents / john brown, raic, housebrand; jeremiah eck, faia, eck macneely architects; erik lerner, aia, realestatearchitect

breakout session—green, then and now / david miller, faia, and robert hull, faia, the miller|hull partnership

breakout session—citizen architect / steven a. moore, ph.d., bartlett cocke regents professor of architecture and planning, the university of texas at austin, school of architecture

breakout session—big house, little house: market meets demand / gary l. brewer, aia, robert a.m. stern architects

panel discussion—using mass media and technology to promote good design / michelle kaufmann, aia, leed ap; john brown, raic, housebrand

panel discussion—the big think: engaging community and government in design solutions / william h. kreager, faia, mithun; andrés duany, faia, duany plater-zyberk & co.; steven a. moore, ph.d., the university of texas at austin, school of architecture; michael pyatok, faia, pyatok architects; joseph w. tovar, city of shoreline, wash.

special charrette—greening the mcmansion

special event: congress of residential architecture and aia-cran—what now? a cora/aia-cran forum on re-imagining practice

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