Four decades after this house appeared in Architectural Record, the new owners—Greg and Lorena Andon—embarked on a renovation. Alexandria, Va.–based David Jameson Architect removed select interior walls, revealing free-flowing pavilions linked by a glass entrance. The original brick fireplace and skylight ring at the center of the house was exposed and left unchanged.

Jury: “An excellent example of new work within a significant midcentury modern structure. The interventions appear to reinforce the original design concept. … The new work serves to highlight the naturally lit passage and accentuate the overall spirit of the house.”

Client: “We wanted to keep the essence of the house the same, but bring it up to modern times. We had no idea what we wanted. We were just throwing out ideas. David Jameson was like a mind reader. … He understood the way we wanted to live and how one space flowed into the next. We love being here. It’s calm and peaceful, and it’s got a great view of the woods.” —Lorena Andon